A Growing Tree Can Make Time Visible

This is a London Plane "Yarwood" planted as a 7 foot whip, with no lateral branches as part of the 2007 Grant.  This shows it beginning to leaf out and developing first lateral branches. (Someone worried we were planting mere "sticks".)
 First year 2007
London Plane Planted 2007 First Year

This is the same  London Plane "Yarwood" in 2010.  It has required vigorous structural pruning of side branches and responded with upward growth of approximately four foot per year.  It has now outgrown its protective cage and is healthy.  (Fourth Year - Use the sign to estimate growth.)

This is London Plane "Yarwood" in Fall 2011, to show the development of striking white bark, and continued development of the straight street tree canopy form.  Some of the small branches that were previously almost to the ground have been removed. (Fifth Year - Use the sign to compare growth.)