Mission:  To maintain a canopy from shade trees over all public ways of Audubon Park, so that we can continue to walk under majestic high branches and leaves from trees that may be older than we are – and to plant the trees that will continue as a heritage for our children and grandchildren.

The Shade Tree Committee of Audubon Park

Great trees are a blessing to a community and neighborhood and their presence transcends any individual ownership.  The effect of shade and shelter cast by a mature tree never quit at the boundary of a single yard, and the peace of a street lined with mature trees is a vista that graces the entire city.  Trees are patient living and changing natural sculptures, and ideally, they carry the memory of a place forward in time, since they may outlive those who plant them and their growth helps mark time in the memories of those who gather and walk under them.

Audubon Park has lost and is still losing its great mature trees, and it is up to us to replant canopy shade trees if we want to continue to enjoy the benefits they confer.  When we plant, we want to ensure two things – a long life for a healthy tree, and a sound structure for a safe tree.  This web page will educate you to appreciate trees, but also to understand their needs, not only in how to plant, but how to continue care for future needs as well.

The best thing you can do when you need to remove a problem tree, is plan for its replacement.  Before you plant a tree, please call a member of the Audubon Park Forest Board.  We can help you make a wise choice for your site and know about sources for trees that may not be available on the mass market.

Tree Committee Contacts are: 
  • Betty Weise, Forest Board Chairman, (502) 637-3032
  • Anne Bobigian, (502) 648-5422 (cell phone), email: annemonique@bellsouth.net

Audubon Park Tree Volunteer Calendar

            Great Trees: A single tree can transform a vista

A Mature Tulip Poplar on Dove Road