Please Put That Tree Out of Its Misery!

We love our trees, but all of us know trees on our streets and in our neighbors’ yards (not OURS!) that need to come down.

We can’t replant for a new generation with healthier trees and stronger trees unless the old carcasses are gone.

Why do people keep those dying broken trees?  Well, taking down a tree is more expensive than cutting it up once it keels over to the ground.  And to be fair, sometimes, a person has so many memories of that tree, many associated with family – their grandmother or mother or father loved that tree – that they will still love the naked stump, so long as it puts out even one leaf.  Those trees have been witnesses for a long time, standing right there.  And sometimes a tree covers its ugliness with bright green, and we still value the shade it contributes.

But trees are finite, even those that ought to live for centuries.  If a tree is clearly well over the hill, if its canopy is breaking up and it has severe crown dieback, if it has major cavities and rot that weaken the branches and trunk, it is time to start over. 

This page is for you!   Nominate the worse trees, the suffering trees, that you hope will go in the next storm.  Send in photos.  We’ll post a gallery of the ugliest trees and see how long it takes. 

The Worst Tree in the Park -- An Ash Tortured under the Wires
Posted Feb. 2, 2012   

Advanced Rotting Limbs
End Stage Topping and Break Up
Posted Feb. 2, 2012